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Management International University Scholarship is open to all individuals no matter your educational background. To be successful you must send us 1000 words detailing the following:

  1. Why you want to study a higher education course?
  2. How you would apply one of the course to improving your community?
  3. What do you see yourself doing in the future?

You must have already registered your interest and completed an application form, which will be sent to you by email following your registration. To register please email with your email, and details about yourself.

Successful applicants will have all examination fees covered and specific support after successfully completing the course. Good luck!

Collaborative Research

All students are expected to commit to collaborating with each other. Throughout a your time at MIU, students will be expected to sign up and join research groups. These will be online teams, where students will share ideas through webinars and Skype calls about a research topic. Students will divide their role and agree which area of the research topic they will focus on. As a result of this collaboration, each research team is expected to produce a paper. This could be in the form of a written document or a powerpoint presentation. The research topics would be closely aligned with the experience of the students and may include the following:

A desktop or laptop computer with either:

  • Improving school access in rural locations
  • Clean water for all
  • Increasing credit for small businesses
  • How to build homes that don't erode

  • Each student is expected to contribute and the final report will be summarising ideas and possible solutions, to the chosen research topic.

    These are only a few of the research topics which might be chosen. It will be up to students to decide which topic to research. This assignment is part of the commitment of students of MIU to empower their local community and to retain an outlook on development, keeping in mind the ethos of the University.

    Research Centre

    As most renowned universities, MIU hopes to provide a research focused environment. This is will be achieved in the future. However, in the meantime, MIU wished to support researchers through its online resources and network. MIU therefore supports external researchers who are aligned with the ethos of MIU. We will be able to provide funding for research specific needs at the discretion of the admissions team. We will also offer avenues for researchers to build their collaborative network, by introducing them to potential collaborators which we understand is difficult for newly graduated researchers. Our partnership with International Communities Organisation will support these goals. Please email us to apply.

    Always an innovative learning environment

    Our courses equip individuals with the relevant business and life skills to make tangible contributions to their communities. Every programme is underpinned by practical and business-driven research, which ensures that we are providing job-oriented courses. Courses are also designed to be flexible, therefore students should be able to study part-time.

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