• Business, human rights law, corporate social responsibility - 30 credit
  • Entrepreneurship: experience and perspective - 15 credit
  • An Introduction to Business Management (B100) - 60 credit

  • Eligibility

    All we ask of students are therefore a proficiency in English and Motivation to study is sufficient for registration. The normal expectation is an IELTS standard of at least 5 which tests students: listening, reading, writing and speaking. This means Modest User level: A modest user has a partial command of English and is able to deal with overall meanings. Modest users may make frequent errors, but are better in common situations. They do not deal with complex language very well.

    You study part time, earning while you learn – at home, at work and on the move to suit the demands of your lifestyle and circumstances. You can access our world-class teaching materials at your desk and on the go. There is no age limit, or any discrimination made!

    MIU Award

    An award presented as MIU Certificate for which a student has registered to study.

  • A digital certificate is automatically being send to each student’s personal email once they successfully complete their courses
  • Printed award: If student wish to receive printed versions of their awards they can apply for it. For more please send an email to

  • Equal Opportunity

    It is unlawful to discriminate against an registered or potential employee or service user.

    The protected characteristics are as followed:

  • age;
  • disability;
  • gender reassignment;
  • marriage and civil partnership;
  • pregnancy and maternity;
  • race;
  • religion or belief;
  • sex;
  • sexual orientation.

  • For more information:

  • Disability Policy

    You may not think of yourself as disabled, but if you have:

  • a long-term health condition,
  • a specific learning difficulty (such as dyslexia), or
  • a mental health difficulty,
  • then, along with other disabilities, the MIU considers you are entitled to reasonable adjustment to support your study. We use the terms ‘disabled’ or ‘disability’ to cover all these conditions.

    Data Protection

    Information Commissioner’s Office:

    Staff, student and host records should be maintained and divulged to third parties only within the provisions of the Data Protection Act. The European High Court ruled that organisations in EU member states cannot rely on the US Safe Harbor framework as being equivalent to EU Data Protection Law.All research projects that involve partners or participants around the world, must clarify how any data will be shared, with whom and their location.

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    Our courses equip individuals with the relevant business and life skills to make tangible contributions to their communities. Every programme is underpinned by practical and business-driven research, which ensures that we are providing job-oriented courses. Courses are also designed to be flexible, therefore students should be able to study part-time.

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