Our Objectives

Africa's first online, tuition free, fully accredited University

The University fosters a love of education. We strive for excellence in not only education but also in collaborative research and reaching areas in the world that had reduced access to degree courses. The aim is to be leading part of the self-determination movement in terms of research, debate and impact. Our aims, purposes and objectives will be achieved through university teaching and research.

Our commitments:

  • Our commitment to human rights and civil rights is at the core of our values,
  • Our commitment to development and economic growth, to support less fortunate communities.
  • Our commitment breaking barriers to both financial and academic education thus giving every person the chance to study for a degree.
  • The commitment to collaborative research in order to achieve community development, solutions and ideas.
  • To foster a debate on self-determination and the right of everyone to freely determine their future.

  • The objectives of the University shall be:

  • To train the next generation of leaders seeking change, improvement and development.
  • To break down the barriers to education both financial and academic.
  • To give everyone the chance to study for a degree.
  • To educate those who show promise but lack opportunity.
  • To advance education, practical knowledge, technical skills and understanding for the benefit of individuals and the community at large.
  • To commit itself to the values of human rights and civil rights
  • To support the disenfranchised and marginalized communities
  • To provide free or low-cost education to individual and communities most in need
  • To build community bonds and encourage love of humanity
  • To nurture an atmosphere of democratic debate
  • To provide opportunities for collaborative research

  • Above aims, purposes and objectives of the University will be achieved through university teaching and research.

    Always an innovative learning environment

    Our courses equip individuals with the relevant business and life skills to make tangible contributions to their communities. Every programme is underpinned by practical and business-driven research, which ensures that we are providing job-oriented courses. Courses are also designed to be flexible, therefore students should be able to study part-time.

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