Future Strategies

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Progress and Monitoring

Participatory monitoring, reviews and evaluation must be conducted periodically to ascertain the impact, effectiveness and relevance of all strategic priorities that are contained this Plan. The monitoring and evaluation framework adopts a results‐based approach and will capture achievements made, document lessons learned during the strategy period and widely share learning with all our stakeholders. Some of the monitoring tools and systems are:

Quarterly Reviews and Analysis targeting the implementation teams who shall provide updates and progress reports on the implementation of the planned activities.

Annual Review meetings: Representatives from the implementation teams will hold annual review meetings from which annual updates shall be share and comprehensive progress reports and plans for the following year mapped out.

Enhanced Financial Management Systems: Internal financial management will be enhanced through the establishment of controls in the receipt, storage and use of financial resources to ensure enhanced accountability and transparency.

External Audits and Evaluations: ensure that timely annual external audits are conducted while at the same time strengthening internal controls.

Feedback and Information Sharing: Lessons learnt will be documented and shared not only internally but also with other key stakeholders.

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